Fume Cupboard Testing and Maintenance

Fume cupboard testing is a legal requirement

Along with maintenance and servicing it is essential for the continued safety, performance and efficiency of your fume cupboard and LEV equipment.

Fumair carry out fume cupboard and LEV testing, preventative maintenance and servicing in accordance with COSHH HSG258, BSEN 14175, BS 7989 and BB:88 / CLEAPSS G9, using our own full-time employed engineers, across the UK.

We provide these services for all makes and models of fume cupboard and LEV.


Services We Offer

Fume cupboard testing is a legal requirement
  • Laboratory fume cupboard testing and maintenance
  • School fume cupboard testing and maintenance
  • Commissioning new or modified fume cupboards
  • Face and duct velocity testing
  • Site containment testing
  • Fume cupboard filter saturation
  • Visual fume cupboard inspection and reports
  • Rebalancing of fume extract systems
  • Recalibration of fume cupboard airflow monitors and controls
  • Fume extract fan belt replacement and re-tensioning
  • Fume cupboard filter replacement and filter disposal
  • 6 and 12 monthly preventative maintenance
  • Fume cupboard repairs and alterations
  • Fume cupboard cleaning and decontamination

We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts and consumables for all of our own fume cupboards and associated equipment and can quickly source parts required for other makes and models.

Please contact us to arrange a quotation, or visit our dedicated fume cupboard testing and maintenance website; www.fume-cupboard-testing.co.uk