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Products Supplied & Manufactured by Fumair

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Manufacturer of GRP Fume Cupboards

Fumair are the only UK Fume Cupboard manufacture to offer a full highly resistant GRP Liner as standard.
This highly chemically resistant construction is extended to the full fume cupboard in our Premium AeroExcel range  


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Fumair Fume Cupboard Range


Premium Fume Cupboard

The AeroExcel laboratory fume cupboard features a GRP moulded fascia, sides and inner chamber suitable for use with chemicals and conditions that would quickly attack a standard fume cupboard with epoxy coated steel panels.

Alsident Arms

Fumair are the UK agent for Alsident Systems. 

Alsident have a full range of LEV systems accessories for a large variety of applications.

For new and existing installations, a range of airflow monitors, air failure alarms and energy-saving extract control systems designed and manufactured by Fumair.  

Airflow Monitors

Fans, Inverters & Ducting 

Maintenance free extract fans manufactured from long-lasting corrosion proof polypropylene and GRP.  

Fumair supply and install Polypropylene ducting PVC Ducting, and Metal ducting.

Inverters to control fans, connected to Fume Cupboards & LEV systems. 

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Spares / Replacement Parts

Fumair supply a complete range of spare parts for our fume cupboards for servicing and maintenance engineers. 

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