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Fumair have been designing and manufacturing laboratory fume cupboards and school fume cupboards for over 40 years.

Each item is built at our Hertfordshire factory, using, where possible, locally sourced materials.
We install across the UK and overseas, using our own full-time employed engineers, and are ideally positioned to serve London, Cambridge and Oxford on a daily basis.
Each fume cupboard is available in a selection of sizes and configurations, including bench top, walk-in and step-in models.

Fumair fume cupboards offer:

  • Class-leading safety and performance

  • Full compliance with all National Standards

  • Long-lasting quality and reliability

  • Unique moulded GRP components (AeroExcel and Aero fume cupboards)

  • Huge range of models and designs, to suit all laboratory and school applications

  • Lifetime support and service


Contact us now for fume cupboard prices, advice and specifications.


Our premier Fume Cupboards
Made from GRP
GRP liner / GRP Exterior



Fume Cupboards

Made from Metal

GRP liner / Powder Coated Metal Exterior


Our Fumair Schools Fume Cupboards

Perspex / Metal Construction

CLEAPSS G9 Stanadard

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