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GRP Liner

Standard Fit on Fumair Aero & AeroExcel Fume Cupboards

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) - Superior Performance, Superior Styling

  • One Piece Moulded Construction
  • Highly Chemical Resistant
  • Easy to Clean - Wide Radius Edges
  • Long Lasting
  • Removable baffle for Cleaning

For over 40 years we have chosen to manufacture our fume cupboards from GRP for its advantages:

Excellent chemical resistance, especially to corrosive acids that would quickly attack epoxy coated or stainless steel surfaces.


The moulded profiles provide superior airflow and minimise turbulence, resulting in class-leading fume containment and safety.


Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.


Extremely long lasting. 25+ years life expectancy.


Easy to clean and decontaminate due to wide-radius corners and minimal joints and crevices.


Great looks, smooth lines and radius's give a pleasing finish that perfectly complements the modern laboratory.


Leak and crevice free one-piece chamber and front mouding.


Good fire retardant properties.


Easy to repair in the event of damage.

Only Manufacture of GRP Fume Cupboards

Fumair, through innovation design, investment and careful outsourcing (all local UK companies) are now the only manufacturer to offer fume cupboard manufactured from GRP as standard.

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