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Mid Range Airflow Monitor and Controller

Ideal for Those Who Want Clear Basic Features

  • Easy to use
  • Clear Coloured LED Indicator Display
  • Accurate Face Velocity Reading
  • Basic BMS Signals

The Fumair Fumeguard is a low cost microprocessor controlled airflow monitor and control system, ideally suited for fitting to new and existing fume cupboards, but versatile enough to be used with any extraction equipment where a critical airflow requires monitoring.

High intensity coloured LED scale representing airflow, and the warnings such as service due and sash overheight alarms. The volt-free relays can be used to switch extract and supply air fans, which alongside the remote on/off control gives great basic BMS control with the outputs on the FumeGuard to give signals such as Air Ok / Air Failure. 

The Fumeguard can be used on 2 speed systems to give accurate airflow readings in both high and low speed settings as fans switch speed depending on the sash position.

The Fumeguard can be used on a D.O.L starter system or an inverter-drive system.



Do I need an Airflow Monitor?

HSE’s LEV FAQ section of their website statesthere isn’t a specific legal requirement to have airflow indicators fitted to an extraction. But as an employer you do by law have to make sure that your LEV system keeps working properly.

Other than testing before using and LEV you need some form of reliable indicator that the Lev is functioning correctly, as Employee's have a duty to report any defects "forthwith" to the employer. There needs to be some reliable method to inform the employee of a defect such as a blockage or broken duct in the system.


This is where some form of airflow indicator is needed.

You can download a very useful article regarding Airflow monitors and the law here courtesy of Bill Cassells of Oxyl8 Ltd, who trains LEV inspectors to the P600 standards for BoHS.

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