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FlowMaster +

Top of the Range Airflow Monitor and Controller

  • Easy to use
  • Clear Display
  • Accurate Face Velocity Reading
  • Flexible Inputs/Outputs

45+ years experience in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of fume cupboards and extract systems has contributed to the development of the FlowMaster Plus; the most feature packed, accurate, versatile and reliable airflow monitor, alarm and control system on the market today.

Ideal for Those Who Want Fume Cupboard

BMS Integration

Our advanced airflow monitor and controller can be fitted to any fume cupboard. Full integration with inverters & BMS systems, with energy saving features, service reminders and a high visibility scrolling LED display.

The FlowMaster Plus can be used with most Fume Cupboards, and can be retro fitted to existing fume cupboards from a wide range of manufacturers. The system can monitor the face velocity from a monitoring point close to the sash or near the fishtail section at the roof of the fume cupboard.

The clear display can be viewed from across a lab, and the audible and visual alarms are complaint with BS:EN14175 regulations. The system can be used alongside scrubber and baffle wash systems (options deleted on keypads which do not require the options to save confusion). When combined with an inverter the fan speed can be adjusted from the keypad, saving time for engineers when commissioning and re-balancing a system.



Do I need an Airflow Monitor?

HSE’s LEV FAQ section of their website statesthere isn’t a specific legal requirement to have airflow indicators fitted to an extraction. But as an employer you do by law have to make sure that your LEV system keeps working properly.

Other than testing before using and LEV you need some form of reliable indicator that the Lev is functioning correctly, as Employee's have a duty to report any defects "forthwith" to the employer. There needs to be some reliable method to inform the employee of a defect such as a blockage or broken duct in the system.


This is where some form of airflow indicator is needed.

You can download a very useful article regarding Airflow monitors and the law here courtesy of Bill Cassells of Oxyl8 Ltd, who trains LEV inspectors to the P600 standards for BoHS.

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