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Fire Suppression

Safety provisions within Fume Cupboards

  • Manual Activation or Automatic
  • Fast Suppression of the Fire
  • Powder indirect system
  • Supplier of JacTone & FireTrace

A short video demonstrating a powder indirect fire suppression system, retro fitted to a fume cupboard.
The video show the fume cupboard sash open and closed.

The system is triggered when the pressurised detection tubing becomes ruptured through heat or flame, which then activates the cylinder valve. The agent is then released through separate indirect nozzles inside the fume cupboard

Stopping Fires Spreading

Fume Cupboards can present many risks of ignition through chemical reactions, heat and user errors. Once a fire takes hold it can grow rapidly fueled by the air flowing into the fume cupboard. If a fire is not contained and suppressed quickly it can spread outside the confines of the fume cupboard with disastrous consequences.

With a integrated fire suppression system the fire can be stopped before the spread. The systems we install come with the option of a manual actuator which is used by the operators to trigger the system in a pre-emptive manor, before the detection tube is ruptured by heat or flame, potentially saving equipment & adding extra safety to the system.

These self contained pneumatic systems require no external energy or power supply. Upon flame impingement or heat, the pressurised detection tubing will burst and activate the cylinder valve to open and release the extinguishing agent.

The systems we supply have been manufactured in accordance to ISO9001 quality system.

Fume Cupboard Fire Suppression Installations - As a supplier of fume cupboard fire suppression units, we can fit to new and existing fume cupboards.
We use both Indirect (recommended) and direct systems, in both high and low pressure applications.

We supply both FireTrace & Jactone systems.

Fume Cupboard Fire Suppression Installations


Fumair supply both FireTrace and JacTone fire suppression systems.

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