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We supply and install fans of a variety of sizes and types.

Many of our installations make use of centrifugal fans, due to their high performance, low stalling characteristics and reliability.
Most modern fans are now making use of direct drive technology, which deletes the need for pulleys which over time perish and cause failures and reliability issues.

Our team can aid in the specification of the fan size and motor power to make sure your installation meets the needs and demands of the project, taking in consideration where possible the future expansions and usage changes that may occur.


The use of inverter speed controllers is now common place with LEV and Fume cupboard extract systems. This is due to the many cost saving benefits due to greater speed control. Noise reduction is another benefit as dampers are no longer needed to control the extract volume. 

What does an Inverter do?

An inverter converts a single phase input (240v) into a 3 phase output (400v) which is what most fan motors use. Inverters allow you to control the fan speed with much increased flexibility over previous Direct Online methods with contactors which typically only allow 2 speeds of operation (motor depending).

How does this help?

When we combine an inverter with a controller it allows multiple speed settings to be programmed, this includes low tickover (night setback speeds) for general room extraction when the fume cupboard is not in use. We can set boosted fan speeds for when the sash is raised above the recommended 500mm height, to keep the average face velocity within safe levels.

The ability to add shut down times after the fume cupboard is switched off means that the extract can be slowly decreased which is more sympathetic to the fan, and also allows supply air systems to keep a stable pressure within the room.


Ducting Types

Fumair offer ducting solutions to complement our LEV and Fume cupboard installations.

Most projects use PVC or Polypropylene depending on the chemicals being used. While most of the time round prefabricated three meter sections are used along side 90 degree and 45 degree bends, our fitting team can custom fabricate, reductions, custom sets, round to square fittings, square to round fittings in order to navigate obstacles and obstructions found along the desired duct route.


With over 25 years experience no job is too complex for our team of fitters/fabricators.


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