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Fume Cupboard, & LEV Design

Designing a modern laboratory can be a complicated process involving many pieces of specialised equipment. Fume cupboards and LEVs play a very important role within the laboratory and everything, from their positioning, materials of construction, method of operation to the route of the extract system, needs careful consideration.

We can offer you our knowledge, skills and experience to help, be it a simple one-off fume cupboard design, a complete new laboratory or a building wide extract system.

Obviously, full compliance with the requirements of COSHH, BS:EN 14175 and other relevant standards is essential, but we can also offer assistance and advice on other important aspects of fume cupboard design, such as energy efficiency (key for good BREEAM credit scores), reliability and maintenance.

We work closely with many of the top architects and consulting engineers in the country and are often asked by the client to assist at initial design stage. We are always happy to help and nearly all of our design work is offered to you as a free service.

Please contact us if we can help you in any way.

Designs for LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) and scrubber units by Fumair Ltd.


Bespoke Liners and fume cupboard sizes are also available. Tap location, sinks and outlets can be designed using our in-house CAD team to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Custom Designs

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