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Removal & Decontamination

Carefully Does It!

The process of removing and disposing of your redundant fume cupboards and extract systems can be just as important as the installation of new equipment. Anything that has had contact with the fumes is potentially contaminated and may need specialist decontamination or disposal.



With older installations there is a strong chance that the fume cupboard and/or ductwork may be constructed of materials containing asbestos. Fumair can employ specialist contractors to undertake such removal work in a safe and controlled manner.


“Shared” Extract Systems

Aside from contamination there are other factors to consider. If one fume cupboard is removed from an extract system serving multiple fume cupboards then remaining fume cupboards will need to be carefully rebalanced in order to achieve the correct airflow.

Sometimes, the speed of the extract fan may need to be adjusted to reflect the reduced volume of air required. This is an easy process with modern inverter driven fans but may require replacement pulleys and belts on older installations. Adjustment may also need to be made to make up air systems as the volume of air being removed from the lab will have reduced.



Where any modifications are made to fume cupboard or fume extract equipment it is important that they are retested in accordance with current standards.



Reconditioned fume cupboards are becoming increasingly popular with cost-conscious clients and it is worth taking the extra care to remove your redundant fume cupboard intact to maximise its resale value. Where we are employed to carry out the removal we offer to advertise your fume cupboard for free on the Reconditioned pages of our website and popular auction sites such as eBay, passing the winning bid value (less eBay fees where applicable) to you.

Fumair have the experience and skills needed to undertake any or all of the above. Contact us for more information.

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