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Airflow Monitors

The FumeGuard and Flowmaster Plus airflow monitors have now been discontinued. Support and parts are very minimal however repairs can still be made to some units. 

Where repairs require replacement parts we are now fitting the TEL AFA1000 and AFA4000 range of airflow monitors.

TEL Airflow Monitors

The TEL range of airflow monitors have all the basic features you require from an Airflow monitor but can also send basic messages to a BMS system, and link to an Inverter or Fan.

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Fumair FlowBug is the ideal small airflow indicator for LEV's and Schools fume cupboards. Simple to install, battery powered, and clear to understand at a price point that is affordable.

Made in England

We are very proud that the Flowmaster Plus & FumeGuard are both made in England. While many industries assemble abroad due to cost, Fumair have always been a British manufacture and will continue this way. Exporting our high quality goods across the UK, Europe and worldwide. 

User Safety

User safety is a priority when working with potentially harmful substances. An airflow monitor is essential for detecting any drop in airflow into the fume cupboard which could put the user in danger. 

Our range has two airflow monitors the FlowMaster Plus and the FumeGuard. Both offer audible and visual alarms for low airflow and sash over height. The Fumeguard is also ideal for fitting to many LEV systems to monitor the airflow.  


To Further increase the safety of the fume cupboard, we have a range of fire suppression units that can be installed. 


Etiologics Ltd, Stoke Poges

I would have no hesitation in recommending Fumair to provide extraction solutions. They are a company that cares, that provide the right product for the task required. 100% service commitment is offered to the customer during the fit and after sales: as standard they go that extra mile

University of Oxford

Fumair have provided Oxford University with an excellent range of fume cupboards for a number of years. Few problems have been experienced and they continue to be one of our preferred suppliers of fume cupboards

Medical Research Council

We have been very happy with Fumair products and services over the years, particularly in regard to specialised extraction systems. We were very impressed with Fumair's technical staff and their knowledge and determination to solve our very specific extraction issues

Some of our Clients

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